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Mutant Chronicles

Combat in the WarZone

Love of Waffles (and/or WarZone, M.C.)
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This is a community for the discussion of the Warzone miniatures game, everything Mutant Chronicles, stupid people, tasty waffles, finding players in your area, and how much you hate your job.


  1. There are no rules.


  1. On topic posting is encouraged.
  2. Off topic posting is encouraged.
  3. Posting is encouraged.
  4. Posting the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear "necromutants love a reuben sandwich" is highly recommended.
  5. Posting of xxx is not prohibited. Putting it behind a LJ cut could be a good idea. Whatever.
  6. In the event that things gets out of hand, bylaws will be created wherein the violation of said bylaws will result in irate former-Bauhaus mercenaries being sent to your home. Said mercenaries will then violate your family, dog, cat, or goldfish. Photos will be posted in the community.
  7. Nothing will ever be considered out of hand.

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