Knight of the Black Rose (raielchan) wrote in mutantchronicle,
Knight of the Black Rose

Movie News

The Mutant Chronicles movie is being made.
Thomas Jane and John Malkovich are going to star. Directed by newcomer Simon Hunter.

The Mutant Chronicles universe began in the strategic boardgame, Siege of the Citadel, released a long, long time ago which I should totally take over to goofy's someday if he ever has patience for something a bit more complicated than normal yet pretty simple. It since spawned other boardgames, novels, RPGs, and videogames. John Carpenter was set to direct the feature movie but decided to tell the studio screw themselves when he decided it would suck with the budget they were permitting. He then made Ghosts of Mars which is pretty similar in premise, only not as large scale as the five lords of hell (Apostles of the Dark Soul) being unleashed on the solar system to ravage it with their undead and biomechanical demon hordes.

You could say I have soft spot in my heart for the concept behind the film.

Sadly, Jane is playing boring Mitch Hunter and not Max Steiner with his white skull-faced armor. Also from that brief article, I can already tell they're changing some things. Still, awesome.

Jane's character (guy with shotgun):
Max Steiner/Valerie Duvall in the clutches of Valpurgis:
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